Suit Mazda 13B, 6.82 Litre


The Aeroflow Performance Mazda race oil pan is designed to suit your Mazda RX3 & RX4 with 13B engine. It may also suit engine conversion cars with the 13B engine in the following: 1981-1984 Toyota Starlet, 1964-1983 Toyota Corolla, 1971-1973 Datsun 1200 & others with little or no cross-member modifications. Tube chassis cars with 13B engine may also use this oil pan. This oil pan kit includes the race oil pan, baffle plate and hardware to bolt to the engine. This oil pan features a -6 ORB magnetic oil drain plug supplied in the kit, 1 x 1/8" NPT sensor port with plug supplied with kit and 1 x -10 ORB auxiliary port. It holds 6.80 litres of engine oil.


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Fabricated Front Sump Oil Pan - Mazda 13B 6.82 litre

SKU: AF82-2024