Suit Mitsubishi EVO 4-9, 6.1L With Crank Scraper, Baffle & Pick-Up.


The Aeroflow Performance Mitsubishi EVO 4 to 9 fabricated extra capacity race oil pan is designed to keep oil where it needs to be even in the most severe racing scenarios. Front kick out area allows for more oil capacity of 6.1 litres while adding extra clearance for factory and aftermarket downpipes. The turbo drain has been upgraded to a -10ORB to remove the OE factory plate and allows custom plumbing applications. This oil pan comes with a custom oil pickup to suit as well as a crank scraper, baffle and all necessary mounting hardware. The oil pickup and baffle with crank scraper also sold separately.


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Fabricated Race Oil Pan - Mitsubishi EVO 4-9, 6.1L With Crank Scraper, Baffle &

SKU: AF82-2018