This kit includes everything you need to install the air cup lift system:
• 4 air cups
• 6 meters 8mm airline (main airline through the car to the T-splitters)
• 8 meters 6mm airline (from the t-splitter to the air cups)
• 2 t-splitters (1x 8mm in, 2x 6mm out)
• 12v 3-way valve + switch and 5 meters electricity wire (1 switch, front and back lift at the same time)
• Complete VIAIR compressor kit
• Connecting material

All Tanks now come in only black
Shaft Sizes are 12.5mm, 14mm, 15mm, 20mm, 22mm - please contact us regarding what will work with your suspension. If you know. please State below 

These have a 2 week order time.


1 year warranty on the compressor setup, covered by the manufacturer: VIAIR.
2 year warranty on the air cups covered by StanceParts
Does not come with Adjustable Suspension pictured - Available at an extra price  

Please talk to your certifier regarding these before purchase

Stance Parts Complete Air Cup Kit