CopyRight 2015 Stealth Ride 

The is strictly for Nissan Silvia Owners only.

If you don’t own a Silvia. You cannot attend. 
This is a private day. Not open to the public 

Payment includes:

Entry for Saturday at the Masterton Motorplex Drag strip
A T-shirt (in your size) 
Food for the day! 
Sponsored goods
Spot Prizes 

Pit crew and family require a pass to attend each at a cost of $10 - food is included for them too.
These must be purchased before the event. 
There will be no option to buy these on the day. 
MMP are strict and won’t let anyone in without a pass. 

please contact myself via Facebook for details on how to get these extra passes.  

Event Details 

Date: Saturday 19th January 2019

Rules of track:                   
This is a private hireage only therefore only businesses, staff, clients and their families are allowed as spectators, no public are permitted.

Need to be street legal tyres as the track will not be prepped and MMP are not providing Crash Crew or Ambulance staff as this is a private track hire.  

only dot rated street semi-slick tyres are permitted 

Helmets & Overalls:           
Helmets are compulsory for all drivers and covered in shoes. Overalls are not compulsory for Street cars however MMP recommend that if racers have one available to them then they should wear it.

It is our responsibility to ensure all vehicles that take part in any racing must be registered, warranted or an approved Motorsport vehicle. 

We will be doing scrutineering on the morning. 

All drivers must hold a Current NZ Drivers license (Full or Restricted)
We would hold a drivers briefing before the event.

There is an Indemnity Form that everyone is required to sign on the day for all racers participating.

Day two - Sunday is hosted by Speedmagnet and any associated costs to enter their hardpark / burnout session is listed with them.

Stealth Ride Silvia Invasion

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